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Shea Credit Group ensures strict compliance with all legislation governing debt collection and protects its client brands through:

  • Commitment to compliance
  • Commitment to brand protection
  • Quality Assurance program
  • Hardship program

Commitment to compliance

Shea Credit Group are committed to providing detailed training to our team, ensure ongoing compliance with all legislative requirements of Privacy and Credit and Finance best practice standards. Policies and Procedures are under constant review through both internal and external audits, including;

  • Private Agents Act 1966 (VIC)
  • ACCC Guidelines for the Collection of Debts pursuant to section 60 of the Trade Practices Act
  • The Federal Privacy Act
  • The Consumer Credit Code
  • Each state or territory’s civil proceedings legislation
  • The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009

Our staff have ongoing training in the ACCC guidelines and the Federal Privacy Act, and are regularly assessed for compliance. Monthly audits are carried out by the company’s team leaders and compliance officer.

Shea Credit Group is a licensed Mercantile Agent with the following licenses:

  • Licensed Commercial Agent


Hardship Policy

Shea Credit Group employs a Hardship Policy to ensure compliance through the protection of debtors experiencing genuine hardship.

When a collector identifies that a debtor is suffering from genuine hardship, one of the following actions will be undertaken:

  • Review of proposed course of action and desired outcome with our Client
  • Possible postponing payments for an agreed period
  • Possible extending the period of repayment and postponing payments for an agreed period
  • Possible extending the period of repayment and reducing the amount of each payment due accordingly



Shea Credit Group holds the following policies ensuring the on going protection of our Clients, employees and operations:

Office Insurance:

Policy dates: 21st September 2011 to September 2012

Insurer: CGU Insurance Limited

Contents value $50,000

Public Liability $10 million


Professional Indemnity

Policy dates: 30th April 2012 to 30th April 2013

Insurer: Chartis Australia Insurance Limited

Limit of Indemnity: $1 million any 1 claim, $2 million in the aggregate

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