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Our People

Our dynamic workforce consists of a dedicated and experienced Management Team, a team of specialised Recovery Specialists, Lawyers, Field Officers, Skip Trace Specialists and Administration support staff.  Our people are well qualified and experienced to give our clients the highest standard of personalised service in order to fulfil the best chance of recovery. Our teams are specialised and ensure that each step of the recovery process is consistent with the customer needs.  Our approach ensures continuity and consistency in communication and approach.

Our customers are treated as an extension of Shea Credit Group and we strive for a common objective and ultimate goal. Our people are well trained and work effortlessly to understand our customers business before they engage in any debt recovery.  All personnel have been highly trained to provide our clients with a high level of professionalism at all times. The principals of Shea Credit Group are the cornerstone of our business, which are supported by all our personnel. Our mission is to deliver professional and specialised service.

This combined with negotiation skills sensitive to individual circumstances, ensures the clients requirements are professionally dealt with and in every circumstance the debtors obligations are analysed, and appropriate action taken to promote a speedy and satisfactory result.

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