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Debt Collection

Debt Collection is the core competency of Shea Credit Group. Our team of professionals hold many years of industry experience gained from working closely with a variety of clients.

Our team are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure the best result is achieved every time.
Collection tools such as demand letters, e-mails, telephone demands, SMS messages, field calls, skip tracing services and legal actions are reviewed with our clients throughout the collection process.

Our consultative approach means our client has the best available course of action recommended to them enabling informed decisions to be made at all times.


Field Services

Field Calls are conducted by our experience and licenced commercial agents and private investigators throughout Australia and Internationally for reasons including, but not limited to:

Confirm the location of a person of interest;

Confirm details surrounding accident and insurance claims;

  • Obtain photographic evidence;
  • Identify the names and locations of witnesses; and
  • Delivery of Letter of Demands;

Shea Credit Group’s agents and investigators conduct field calls in a professional manner and when needed, our agents are capable of obtaining information in a discreet manner.

Collection Interview’s are conducted by our licensed commercial agent’s and is a service offered in support of the collection activities undertaken by our clients. Our Collection Interviews are ideal for clients seeking payment of accounts prior to commencing litigation. As a part of our Collection Interview, we assess a person’s capacity to repay a debt by requesting current financial information along supporting documentation. This service also includes home Oral Examinations.

Shea Credit Group can effect service of legal documentation via our network of experienced Process Servers. We ensure a fast and efficient service of documents along with supporting documentation.


Skip Tracing

Shea Credit Group apply a modern, intelligence led investigation method to all skip tracing and location enquiries. These services are available for both Australian and International investigations. We make a guarantee to our clients that we will maintain unlimited access to all major information providers and ensure that we are the first to know about new information coming to the market. Locating debtors is becoming increasingly harder with the protection of privacy laws, and access to accurate and current data is imperative to ensure that our clients are being presented with the best chance of a positive outcome.

Above all, the ability to apply discreet interview techniques can be the difference between achieving consistent positive outcomes.

Our Skip Tracing Specialists are highly trained in extracting information discreetly from persons of interest to assist with locating the most evasive subjects. Our discreet interview methods respect all privacy and legal provisions.

Our Skip Tracing specialists are fully licenced and come from a range of backgrounds and industries such as Law, Private Investigations, Debt Collection, IT and Criminology. All staff are skilled in the areas of electronic and computer based information recovery and hold certificates in investigative interviewing techniques, including pretext and discreet telephone enquiries.

Our professional reports are comprehensive and provide detailed descriptions of all searches undertaken during a Skip Trace investigation. Our reports can be tailored to your requirements and a Shea Credit Group team member will work with your staff to provide a reporting format suitable to each client’s requirements.


Legal Services

Shea Credit Group’s legal team understand the value of building relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. Together, we bring commitment, legal focus and mutual understanding to our services.

Our legal team are focused on delivering strategic and practical solutions to commercial and legal problems.

We adopt a “needs and solutions” based approach. That is, in consultation with our clients, we identify each client’s needs and seek to deliver the best possible solution. The “needs-solutions” approach may involve advice, training, planning or structuring which is designed to place a client in the strongest position to deal with ongoing business issues.We try to think laterally so that the solutions we deliver do not necessarily involve litigation. We are just as interested in advising clients about avoiding legal problems as we are in litigating over those problems should the need arise.

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