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Field Services

Field Calls are conducted by our experienced and licenced commercial agents and private investigators throughout Australia and Internationally for reasons including, but not limited to:

Confirm the location of a person of interest;

Confirm details surrounding accident and insurance claims;

  • Obtain photographic evidence;
  • Identify the names and locations of witnesses; and
  • Delivery of Letter of Demands;

Shea Credit Group’s agents and investigators conduct field calls in a professional manner and when needed, our agents are capable of obtaining information in a discreet manner.

Collection Interviews are conducted by our licensed commercial agents and is a service offered in support of the collection activities undertaken by our clients. Our Collection Interviews are ideal for clients seeking payment of accounts prior to commencing litigation. As a part of our Collection Interview, we assess a person’s capacity to repay a debt by requesting current financial information along supporting documentation. This service also includes home Oral Examinations.

Shea Credit Group can effect service of legal documentation via our network of experienced Process Servers. We ensure a fast and efficient service of documents along with supporting documentation.

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